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Fables vol. 7-8 by Bill Willingham et al.

December 30, 2012

I have written about the Fables series before (I started it earlier in the Cannonball), and while I think it continues with the same strengths as a series – interesting characters that take off from the fable/fairytale characters in sometimes surprising ways, good balance of the larger story with that of relationships between the fables – there is something that happens in volume 7, Arabian Days (and Nights).

That something is that it is pretty damn racist. It brings in the fables from the middle east, including a genie, and while bringing in these characters isn’t racist, they are basically deployed as complete caricatures of every stereotype you can think of – they oppress women, own slaves, and are physically presented in the most simplistic, unimaginative stereotypical way you could possibly think of.

Luckily, Wolves does a lot better, as Mowgli searches for Bigby, finds him for a secret mission or something, and then resolves his relationship with Snow in a wholly satisfying way. Hopefully the series can revisit the non-Western characters in a way that is not broad and offensive.


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