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The Walking Dead, vol. 14-15 by Robert Kirkman et al.

December 24, 2012

The Walking Dead comic series eventually feels overly episodic; Rick and his band of survivors finds a safe place, then they lose it to violence, then they move on for awhile before they find another safe place.

In volumes 14-15, No Way Out and We Find Ourselves, the survivors are dealing with something slightly different; they have found a community where they are actually safe, but they don’t feel safe. They steal guns from them and otherwise plot to undermine the things they have agreed to, in order to ease their trauma-inspired sense that something bad will happen any second and no one can be trusted.

As it works out, something bad does happen, but the people they have found can be trusted. At this point, any reader who is not thinking that Rick is probably the one who shouldn’t be trusted is much too influenced by the fact that he is the main character to see through to his actions.

Of course, Rick realizes his mistake and repents; but how many times can that happen to one person before it becomes completely insincere?


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