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Fables: Animal Farm by Bill Winningham et al.

October 8, 2012

I really enjoyed the first volume of Fables, a comic series that follows the stories of various characters from fables, fairytales and folklore as they live in the normal world, exiled from their homelands by a mysterious adversary.  Animal Farm continues in the same world, but moves its focus from the fables that live in the city to an upstate farm, where non-human fables – animals, goblins, trolls and other creatures – and any other fable that cannot pass as human live.

In Animal Farm, some of these fables rebel and attempt to stage a coup. Goldilocks is a radical revolutionary, who preaches that those who refuse to engage in inter-species relationships are discriminating. (She is in a relationship with one of the three bears). They rebel and attempt to take over the farm by force in order to receive better treatment and not be forced to do labor on the farm due to their appearance.

While it gives lip service to the complaints of these fables, it unfortunately glosses over them and always keeps the reader firmly on the side of Snow, who is visiting the farm. It does complicate the world of the fables, giving it dozens of new characters and types of characters to explore.


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