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Scott Pilgrim vol. 2-6 by Bryan Lee O’Malley

July 14, 2012

Scott Pilgrim is a nice little series, but since it all deals with the same story arc (and I read some of them fairly long ago and wouldn’t be able to distinguish enough to write separate reviews), it makes sense to review it as one piece (Volume 1 already reviewed here).

Volumes 2-6 deal with Scott fighting the remaining 6 evil exes, but also growing in his relationship with Ramona, learning not to be such an oblivious mooch, and taking some responsibility for his life. It’s actually a pretty subtle book in terms of whole it deals with Scott’s maturation.

Scott Pilgrim includes a lot of fanciful touches: Scott and Ramona can go through subspace by entering doors and objects with stars on them, traveling outside of the normal world; exes that Scott defeats explode in a rain of coins, like a video game; and one of Ramona’s exes actually lives inside her head, controlling her more than she would like to. Although most of these things could read as metaphors, it’s a credit to O’Malley that while you are reading, you take them at face value.

My favorite character from this series might be Knives Chau, the 17-year-old that Scott is dating at the beginning of the series. She is madly infatuated with Scott, and he dumps her unceremoniously after he meets Ramona. Knives returns throughout the series: she dates Young Neil in an attempt to make Scott jealous (he hardly notices); she attacks Ramona early on, blaming her for Scott’s dishonesty; and eventually she becomes part of the group of Scott’s friends, maturing well beyond her early relationship with Scott. She is a funny and realistic character.

Scott Pilgrim is a damn enjoyable series, with funny touches and a surprisingly deep storyline.


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