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The Age of X by Mike Carey

July 13, 2012

The Age of X collects a series of X-men comics released in 2011 that tell the story of the X-men in an alternate universe. It is its own story arc, so it seemed a good place to start for a comics newbie like myself.

In this universe, the X-men do not lead normal lives within mainstream society. They are hunted and tortured, living in a fortress that is constantly under attack, barely able to survive. They all have different names and backstories, and it’s fairly interesting to see how they turn out when they have been through wildly different pasts than we know in the traditional stories. For example, Cyclops (known as Basilisk) is a tortured soul with PTSD-like symptoms, as a result of his forced, uncontrollable killing of other mutants; when he was a prisoner, they cut off his eyelids so he has no control over the power of his eyeballs to blast and kill anyone he turns towards.

The story centers around Legacy (Rogue’s alter ego in this world) and her attempt to investigate some strange occurrences. It’s all fairly complicated and to be honest I didn’t understand all of it, but the characters and the artwork are interesting. Plus, I think I didn’t understand it because of my lack of knowledge, not because of the work itself. As a starter X-men collection it’s fairly good, because the storyline is discrete and contained.


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